This Site:

I bought from Freenom on June 21 2014. It is hosted by Bte. I'm running this site as a fansite with fanlistings and soon, some shrines.

I built this site with a layout adapted from one by CodeSucks, who are no longer online, and pictures I found around the internet.

Why do I love zombies and zombie movies/TV/literature so much? Good question, and the short answer is, because they are fun! I know, what could be fun about horrible, lurching monsters, all teeth and blood-soaked clothes, bent on nomming down people as though they were on special offer at the local fast food place? At one extreme they are ridiculous creatures, so over the top as to be laughable. And they are often played for laughs. But at the other end of the spectrum they are our own version of something nasty in the woodshed. The possibility of a real zombie apocalypse is charing ever nearer towards us as we create more vicious and untameable viruses. Our living spaces are seriously curtailed by war and border disputes. In the 21st century the prevailing attitude is to pull up the drawbridge behind us and shut other, disease-ridden people out. Let them be food for horrors, we're all right.

I like books/TV/films that play with the basic premise. We've seen 28 Days Later, where the zombies were suddenly able to run. Taken to the extremem in World War Z. In the novel, "The Girl With All The Gifts" by Mike Carey, we're introduced to zombies as the salvation of the human race. In the French TV series, Les Revenants, the undead don't really look like traditional zombies, though they do have insatiable appetites. Then there are synonyms for zombies. It's always fun to see how someone else has managed to describe them without resorting to the "z" word. We've had the hungries, the returned, zees (which only works if you pronounce "z" in the American way), and walkers. So, what's next?! There's never a quiet moment to pause, check your food supplies and find a safe place to sleep before the zombies come round again.